This is from the outline of a “book” I’m working on: 

CHAPTER ONE: Why do it yourself?

Here’s what happens when you contract out your kitchen remodel:  Five sweaty men who don’t speak English show up at 6:00 AM, walk into your house and take a fire ax and sledge hammer to your kitchen- tear down every cabinet, gut every appliance, punch holes in your drywall, rip it down to the studs, drag the dirty dusty writhing mess through your living room, down the steps, out your front door, and toss it into a seven story garbage bin they installed on your front lawn next to the porta potty- then they leave.  You will never see these people again. 

It is now 2:30 in the afternoon of that same day, and you are standing alone among the ruins- shell shocked and helpless, in an empty, gutted shell that once was your kitchen.  Now it looks like a deserted homeless camp under a freeway overpass, and realize you have just been through the “demolition” phase of your project.  Your only hope is to hire another contractor to finish the job after foolishly waiting weeks for the original crew to show up again. In the mean time, enjoy cooking on a toaster in the laundry room and washing dishes in the bath tub. Here is why you should do the work yourself:

·         Nobody cares about yourself and your needs like you do.

·         It’s easier to implement exactly what you want than to transfer that vision to someone else.

·         Save money- better quality for fewer dollars.

·         Avoid having your house completely torn apart for months- do the work in sections while leaving the rest of your house intact.

·         Stick it to the government- your labor is tax free, baby- If you spent the time you would need to complete a remodel doing what you normally do for a living to earn the money to pay someone else to do it, all that extra dough would be taxed at your marginal tax bracket!