This is also from the outline of my “book”:

CHAPTER TWO: Safety first- how to avoid the most common cause of death when starting a remodeling project. 

You may think the most important things to consider before starting a remodel project might be budget, downtime, planning, tools, design or implementation.  You would be wrong.  The most important thing to consider is that your spouse will probably kill you before you’re done.  Don’t think that making this a joint venture that both of you are going to work on is going to save you- this only means you will probably kill each other.  Since in my personal experience, the remodeler: me- is male and the spouse: my dear, long suffering wife, is female- these are the genders I will use but don’t think this is always the case.  Even if the remodeler is female, and the innocent spouse is male, (and that does happen) everything presented here still applies: 

·         You see the grand vision; she sees a hole in the wall.

·         Why it’s important to get “buy in” from the start.

·         Things change- divergence from the agreed upon plan that’s obvious to you as the project progresses may be a nasty surprise to her.

·         What do you do when your long suffering spouse complains about the unfinished state of the current project?

·         If you answered “start a completely new project from scratch” give yourself a dope slap.  

·         There is no stronger power in the universe than the need to deliver yourself from the agony of the exceedingly boring and tedious labor required to complete a stale and long overdue project by starting a new adventure.  You must resist.

·         If your urge to start the next project occurs right after the demolition phase of the current project, you need professional help- you may not have long to live.

·         Why temporary interim solutions during the project are important, even though they ultimately are dismantled after the project is complete.