My house is turned sideways- a little detail we didn’t even notice when we bought it.  What I mean is, the gable end is actually facing the street, and the front door is along the side of my house- you can’t even see it from the street.  This is a very unusual configuration and it means that most of the traditional curb appeal techniques like adding a front porch, dormers, or sprucing up the front door and entryway weren’t going to work.  It is such an unusual configuration that I have found very few examples in my neighborhood walks (we’ve been incessantly trolling around the upscale neighborhoods looking for ideas.) 

Another problem was the enthusiastic overabundance of material used by the builders- This small little house front featured brick, stucco and two different styles of siding, not to mention a prominently featured brick chimney.  The siding on the top 1/3 was particularly hideous- a very wide “V” groove pattern- I’m sure it looked great mid-century when they build it, but it was beyond dated when we moved in.  Ultimately we decided to replace the “V” groove siding with the same siding that was on the bottom, and instead of replacing it, my handy man and I figured out how to build a fake wall up top which was cantilevered out over the stucco section, and install the siding over that- leaving the old siding in place.

Right side built- then installed

The left side

Installed and ready for siding