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This summer we finally took care of the world’s silliest driveway. It’s silly because even though it consists of tons and tons of concrete and extends all the way to the lot line, you can only get two cars on it. The neighbor’s driveway also extends to the lot line, making our side yard look […]

Backyard Pond: update

Remodelnerd is heading for Los Gatos next weekend

“When we at remodelnerd need inspiration we rarely venture into our own decidedly blue collar neighborhood looking for ideas- instead we pile into the nerdmobile and traipse across town to the tonier neighborhoods to see what people with fatter paychecks than we can imagine do with their properties. Luckily for lookie-loos, officially sanctioned “home and […]

I have a whole hole in the ground

Well- here it October and my pond project is far from complete- Current status is: Future big pile of mud and swamp land about 5 minutes after the rains start- which is likely to be any day now.  I don’t know about you but I’m always saying to myself- ya know, I would really, really […]

Finished my windows- installing a window box

This weekend I finished trimming out my windows, and I installed the window box requested by my wife.

Backyard pond- part 1

I’ve also been working in the backyard this summer…

Green Gables

My house is turned sideways- a little detail we didn’t even notice when we bought it.  What I mean is, the gable end is actually facing the street, and the front door is along the side of my house- you can’t even see it from the street.  This is a very unusual configuration and it […]

Working outside this summer

This is the way our house looked in 2001- about 2 months before we bought it. This is the way the house looks in August 2007.  We did the landscaping soon after we moved in, but the rest of the transformation took place this summer.   This project started late May, and the front is almost […]

Safety first- how to avoid the most common cause of death when starting a remodeling project.

This is also from the outline of my “book”: CHAPTER TWO: Safety first- how to avoid the most common cause of death when starting a remodeling project.  You may think the most important things to consider before starting a remodel project might be budget, downtime, planning, tools, design or implementation.  You would be wrong.  The […]

Why do it yourself?

This is from the outline of a “book” I’m working on:  CHAPTER ONE: Why do it yourself? Here’s what happens when you contract out your kitchen remodel:  Five sweaty men who don’t speak English show up at 6:00 AM, walk into your house and take a fire ax and sledge hammer to your kitchen- tear down […]

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